Available in a wonderful range of colours at an extremely competitive price



TELTOS produce high quality engineered quartz kitchen worktops and surfaces available in a variety of colours, perfect for any kitchen or bathroom.


TELTOS is now a brand leader across the world including the US, Australia, Asia and Europe. TELTOS Quartz has the quality along with the colours that would look perfect in any kitchen or bathroom. All this backed with a 15 year warranty. TELTOS is also extremely competitive on price and is a direct import, so we can pass the savings on to you.

With 6 state of the art quartz production lines and a brand new product developing line, TELTOS has an in-depth knowledge of the market and its requirements. TELTOS are able to develop new colours as trends change over time pushing the boundaries with new designs, such as the very popular TELTOS Statuario and TELTOS Calacatta Borghini. The full range of TELTOS Quartz is available to view at our yard.


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Quartz is the perfect modern work surface for new or traditional kitchen and bathroom styles. With its uniformity, strength and impermeability, it will give the feel of a stone worktop with a stain resistance second to none, and is a good choice in any modern family kitchen.


Quartz is made from 94% natural crushed quartzite with a 6% coloured resin binding agent, the mix is poured into a mould, and pressed and ‘baked’ at high temperature to harden it. The mould is vibrated during the cooking process which settles the material in such a way as to render it impermeable. It is lighter and stronger than granite.

Quartz colours vary greatly in price from manufacturer to manufacturer, and colour to colour. Landford Stone’s TELTOS range of quartz surfaces give the best quality at a much more affordable price than many quartz ranges available.



Teltos Range

Available in 20mm and 30mm depth

Only available in 20mm depth



Quartz cannot stain with normal use, as liquids will not penetrate the material. Care should be taken though, with aggressive acids or alkalines on the worktops as they could etch or mark the polish. Any dried on residues or tanning marks can be removed by following our care of quartz instructions and using a Cif or Astonish cream cleaner.

Heat Damage

Under extreme heat, the material’s surface may be affected, and leave a halo in the affected area which cannot be removed or polished out. The risk of this happening can be eliminated by using a trivet or coaster to put pans or hot plates from the hob or oven onto, rather than placing them directly onto the quartz surface.


We do not recommend chopping or cutting directly onto the quartz work surface due to advances in modern knife manufacture. With vidiam tipped knives now being able to cut or scratch any surface from glass to limestone, we always recommend using a chopping board either in wood, toughened glass or acrylic.

Chipping edges

Please take care when removing heavy pots, pans or plates from the dishwasher. If the edge of the base is hit against the top edge of the worktop with force, it can chip the edge which will necessitate a chargeable repair visit.


Engineered for excellence

Landford Stone are proud distribution partners of TELTOS Quartz Distribution UK, having established its UK headquarters and distribution facility in Salisbury, Wiltshire. TELTOS Quartz Distribution UK supply the highest quality TELTOS Quartz in a wide spectrum of colours and formats, working with leading architects, designers, decorators, contractors and fabricators.


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GREENGUARD Certification standards are nationally recognised voluntary standards, which establish requirements for low-emitting products used in indoor environments, such as building materials, finishes, furnishings, cleaning products, and electronic equipment.

GREENGUARD Certification programs follow procedures including:


15 year warranty
TELTOS Quartz Stone guarantees the quality of materials for 15 years.

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Fabrication & Health Protection Guide
This guide includes health & safety information and recommendations. It does not serve as professional advice, nor does it replace any fabricator’s personal responsibility to apply all relevant health and safety measures. To protect the health and life of all employees exposed to silica dust, it is always necessary to consult with a local advisor.



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