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Samsung is a company that has become synonymous for enhancing contemporary lifestyles with diverse products and for more than 70 years, Samsung has filtered their innovative products into almost every facet of society.


While you might automatically think of Samsung as a high-tech leader in electronic products, the company’s products and impact extend into many other areas, including interior design. Driven by the enduring Samsung ethos of improving lives, Samsung Radianz is a typical example of the company’s approach, combining the beauty of the natural world with scientific insight and engineering. The result is another highly advanced yet low maintenance product that delights for years, while meeting all practical considerations.

In Radianz, aesthetics and practicality combine beautifully. Made from 93% quartz (already one of the hardest minerals found in nature) Radianz is engineered to be four times stronger than alternative materials, like granite. Quartz is also plentiful, long lasting and non-toxic, meaning its impact on the environment is very small. Radianz is a recycled product, reducing industrial waste and the energy consumption during the production process. All the colours of Radianz are safe and certified as eco-friendly materials.

Radianz provides the glittering appeal, depth and innate strength of natural quartz facets, enhanced by the properties of advanced scientific resins and pigments. It is also non porous and virtually maintenance-free. Samsung Radianz surfaces can easily stand up to decades of use, maintaining their flawless, impregnable beauty. All residential Samsung Radianz products come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty offered by Salvocorp, while a similar commercial Warranty is also available.



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