Marble is a form of re-crystallised limestone and is undeniably one of nature’s most beautiful stones. It is a metamorphic rock, formed when limestone is subjected to tremendous heat and pressure due to movement in the earths crust forcing it closer to the earth’s molten core.


Marble comes in a wide variety of colours, some with great intensity of veining and patterning; being more porous than granite, it is suitable for bathrooms, fireplaces and flooring. Some marbles can also be used successfully as kitchen worktops, providing the end user is fully informed of the properties of this beautiful material. For kitchen use, we recommend that marble be supplied in a honed finish. Bookmatched marble worktops or marble flooring can also be supplied at Landford Stone.

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If you are planning to use marble worktops or marble flooring in your kitchen, please contact us at Landford Stone for further care and advice.


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