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Caring for your worktops

To help keep your new worktops in best possible condition, it is important to be aware of the correct aftercare instructions and cleaning guidelines associated with your chosen stone. Below, you’ll find our guidelines for looking after your worktops.

Cleaning Products

The general cleaning of granite and marble can be effectively undertaken with a mild detergent solution. Contact with harsh chemical products is always inadvisable. We provide a Stone Care Kit for the cleaning, maintenance and protection of kitchen worktops and bathroom tops in marble and granite.

The stone that we install is extremely hard wearing. Nevertheless, in rare cases damage can occur and chips from falling objects are the most common cause. For this reason, Landford Stone maintains an in-house specialist repair technician.

In addition to providing the capability to quickly attend to any damage to work surfaces, Landford Stone is also able to offer customers a specialist cleaning, resealing and re-caulking/siliconing service if required. Contact Technical Support on technicalsupport@landfordstone.co.uk.

Our Stone Care Kit – Granite & Marble contains:



We also provide a Stone Care Kit for the care and maintenance of Quartz kitchen worktops and bathroom tops.

Our Quartz Engineered Kit contains:



The following links will help you to look after your chosen surfaces:


Technical support

At Landford Stone, we also provide a full aftercare and remedial advice service, where we’re more than happy to attend sites to carry out the following:

For more information and prices of the above, please contact us directly at technicalsupport@landfordstone.co.uk

Granite Warranty Registration

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