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See our Saw

Our new state of the art saw has now arrived at Landford Stone. The £130k Breton SNC550 Optima saw is an all singing and dancing CNC cutter and is being installed as we speak.

This awesome piece of equipment will cut 8 kitchens per day, enabling us to improve productivity and maintain our competitive edge without compromising the essential core ethos of a Landford Stone – Installation, Quality and Service.

We are delighted to see the saw in place after much research and planning in order to choose and order the correct machinery for us. Organising the location and moving other equipment to accommodate the sheer size of the machine took many meetings and the whole team has had an input into choosing this amazing piece of technology. An in depth training programme starts tomorrow and we hope to start integrating the new method of cutting in the very near future.

For the technically minded the Optima is a numerical control cutting centre with interpolated axes, twist head, specially engineered to cut in either the plunge-cut or step-cut mode, and shape, items of granite, marble, engineered stone and suchlike.The machine is equipped with a pick-up unit with suction cups used to lift and space out the pieces for cut optimisation, and move the pieces in order to work out the engravings for the rods. The saw features slab recognition technology and creates fast, accurate laser templating.

By investing in our future Landford Stone are at the forefront of innovation and continue to succeed as the South’s leading supplier and fabricator of Natural and Engineered stone.

You are welcome to visit us for a factory tour at Landford and view the latest saw and our other state of the art machinery which produces the very best installations in the UK.
Please telephone first to ensure access and a qualified escort.

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