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Granite can be polished to a number of different finishes. In addition to the classic ‘high gloss’ finish most commonly associated with granite a range of textured finishes are also available. These finishes are being applied to an ever-increasing number of granites. Satinato (or leather) is the most widely applied textured finish offering a gently textured finish in a satin look.

Satinato Finishing

This effect is achieved by the application of diamond brushes to the face of the granite slabs at the time when they would otherwise have been polished using traditional abrasive pads. This process exploits the variances in the strength of the constituent elements of the granite, stripping away fractionally more of the weaker aggregate from the slab. The result is a surface retaining the patterning of a polished slab often emphasising this pattern in relief.

Antique Finishing

To achieve a more textured finish, an alternative process has been developed known as ‘antiquing’ which also uses diamond brushes to achieve the desired effect. Prior to the application of brushes, the slabs are exposed to intense heat causing the upper surface to become fractionally brittle, enabling the wire brushing to strip away more of the stone surface. This process produces a pronounced ‘bumpy’ textile. Usually, the more densely composed (often black) granites responds best to this process.


It is because these surfaces are textured that Honed, Satinato and Antiqued worktops require more effort to keep clean than a polished surface would and by virtue of its increased surface area and rougher texture, antiqued finishes in particular often require rather more attention.

We seal textured materials with Lithofin Stain Stop MN.

We provide a Stone Care Kit for the cleaning, maintenance and protection of kitchen worktops and bathroom tops in marble and granite.

Our Stone Care Kit – Granite & Marble contains:

Your worktop is manufactured to resist knocks, but avoid banging your granite worktop and do not sit or stand on the work surface.

In order to maintain the surface over time, we advise against cutting or chopping directly on the surface. Please use a chopping board.

Contact with harsh chemical products is always inadvisable. If you have accidentally spilled chemical substances on the surface (e.g. products to clean metals, the oven or brushes, paint removers, acids, solvents, acetone based products or alkaline based products, etc.) remove the spill immediately, rinse with warm water and dry with a clean cloth.

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