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Fireplaces & Woodburner Hearths

Landford Stone provide stone fireplaces and woodburner hearths in many different sizes and colours.

Landford Stone specialise in supplying an extensive and eclectic range of natural stone perfect for creating an extravagant fireplace or rustic woodburner hearth.


Landford Stone provide beautiful stone fireplaces available in many styles and colours. We also specialise in hearths inserts and backings, all which can be fabricated from a template to suit all requirements.

Woodburner hearths

Our woodburner hearths come in two thickness; 20mm or 30mm, and can be supplied in many different stone types and colour variations. Landford Stone can only manufacture hearths for your collection but if you wish for your chosen stone to be templated and fitted, we work very closely with The New Forest Wood Burning Centre who will be more than happy to help. Find out more about The New Forest Wood Burning Centre.



Landford Stone