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Special Projects

Over the years, Landford Stone has been involved in the design & execution of numerous bespoke special projects



At Landford Stone, we enjoy being pushed to the limit by complex and diverse projects. Working on such intricate, detailed pieces is all part of what we do and we take enormous pride in delivering beautiful finished stone worktops and flooring to the highest possible standard.

We work on some extremely high-profile projects which not only require our skill and expertise to complete the task but also our absolute and unequivocal discretion. There are those that we can discuss, some of which were incredibly exciting and fulfilling to work on.


Carbon fibre backed Granite

By far one of our most interesting requests was for a natural stone table on an airline. Of course, the sheer weight of stone would have made any aeroplane impossible to fly. After shaping the chosen slab of granite, we then milled it down until only 2mm thick. We then backed and reinforced it with carbon fibre, an incredibly strong and light-weight material most commonly used on space ships. This process allowed our client to install a beautiful yet ordinarily very heavy piece of material on their aircraft.

Stunning restoration of St. Giles House in Dorset

Now home to the famous Great Dorset Chili Festival, St. Giles House and park underwent a spectacular restoration process after years of neglect. Being a Grade 1 listed building, the stone flooring in the 16th century entrance hall had to be replaced with the exact same stone. Although the quarry had long since closed, Landford Stone managed the impossible; taking a small sample, we found part blocks and formed them into tiles. Once installed, the join between old and new was virtually non-existent. In 2015, St. Giles House won the Historic Houses Association and Sotheby’s Restoration Award.



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