Limestone Flooring

We have just taken delivery of a container of beautiful new limestone flooring from the top quarries in Portugal These tiles have been selected from the quarries by Molly the colours are trad tempory appealing to the Traditional and the Contempary market. The Portuguese limestone is among the best in the world being consistent in both colour, density and quality. The colours have been selected to appeal to all modern and traditional tastes. The factory that converts the slabs into tiles is family owned and run with the capability to produce hundreds of meters of finished material in their state of the art production lines. Molly was particularly impressed with the quality control area where any defective material was rejected and converted into mosaics a very clever way to recycle the wastage.We are also importing some matching mosaics which with clever placing can turn the mundane into the exceptional at very little cost. The three new stones are.

Obidas 500 wide by random lengths is a stunning soft light grey/green some small fossils reminiscent of York stone has an antique finish and distressed edges. I really recommend this stone as being an extremely hard wearing finish. It is a totally new material to be sold in the UK, which will compliment any Interior design. Samples are available on request but please take time to visit our showrooms where our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff will show you the complete range.

Evora 500 wide by random lengths an amazing combination of soft blue/ beige /grey from the Moleanus region of Portugal hard wearing top quality a must for the combination of Traditional and Contempary installation.I am really happy with this combination. T he attached photograph of the quarry shows the variation of colour within a relatively small area. I personally selected the beds that the stone was extracted from. This colour way is already proving extremely popular.

Alentejo 500 wide random lengths distressed edge detail pale/soft cream colour very clean stone with minimal calcite lines a really beautiful tile .This a must for the discerning home owner. Classic colour timeless beauty, this material from the Fatima area of Portugal from a relatively small quarry a very proud family run business who’s total ethos is quality.

All the above stones are offered at an amazing price and available from stock.The tiles are fantastic value which will make a quality statement to any floor.

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