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Limestone Aftercare


Limestone is a sedimentary rock, formed through chemical precipitation in warm shallow seas. Limestone is composed largely of the minerals calcite and aragonite, which are different crystalline forms of calcium carbonate. Most limestones contain skeletal fragments of marine organisms, which can be seen as fossils and are often visible in the surface of the material. Some of the finer grained, denser, limestones are suitable for kitchen use but end users must be fully informed as to the properties and limitations of this stone.

Though available in a range of finishes, limestone is mostly supplied in a honed finish as it generally does not accept or retain a high lustre polish. The material is relatively soft and is therefore more suitable for bathrooms and flooring. Should you wish to use limestone in a kitchen please contact us discuss before proceeding.

To further reduce the potential for your limestone to absorb liquids (and therefore stain) we treat all surfaces with Lithofin Stainstop MN, a proprietary sealer that penetrates the stone and fills the microscopic voids between the crystals. This process is carried out immediately after installation by our trained applicators.

Please refrain from allowing any liquids to come into contact with your stone tops for at least 6 hours after application as the product must have sufficient time to set into the stone. It is also advised that pets are kept away from the worktops whilst the product is drying.

However, care should be taken to remove spillages of fruit juice, particularly lemon, wine and vinegar etc. e.g. the residue of red wine on the base of wineglasses will leave its mark. Nail varnish and any other solvent and oil based products will stain if not wiped up immediately.

For the general cleaning of natural stone we recommend Lithofin MN easy clean which is suitable for all natural stone worktops. If you have any concerns or need cleaning advice, or need to order more cleaning products, please contact Casdron Enterprises on 01962 732126 or visit their website at casdron.co.uk.

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