All kitchen and bathroom worktops that we produce are entirely unique as each stone is different, with its own intrinsic qualities. We are expert at understanding your needs and executing these in meticulous detail.



This is the most popular finish for worktops, which gives your worktop a glass-like surface. Some granites are resined during the polishing process to fill the naturally occurring micro fissures present within the grain.



Honing gives the stone a matt finish rather than shiny. Honed black granite is often used instead of slate for kitchen worktops because of its hardness and durability.



This fine textured satin finish is ideal for those looking for an alternative to highly polished or matt surfaces. Created by brushing honed marble or granite with diamond brushes to obtain a leathery texture. The edges of satinato worktops are usually supplied in a silky, semi polished finish.


Antiquing the stone involves a mixture of flame texturing and diamond brushing to produce a coarser textured, but still hygienic finish. The edges of antiqued worktops are usually honed, which compliments the antique surface subtly.


Landford Stone