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Register your warranty by completing the granite warranty registration form

Before You Fill Out the Warranty

This warranty form is for granite only. Teltos and Oyster Quartz warranties will not be valid if you complete this form.

For Teltos warranties please complete the Teltos warranty form.

For Oyster Quartz warranties please complete the Oyster Quartz warranty form.


1. Register the Warranty

Please read the terms and conditions of our lifetime performance warranty carefully, and complete our online registration form in order to validate the warranty.

To register the warranty, you must complete the online registration form within 30 days of installation of your worktops.

2. Lifetime Warranty

A lifetime performance warranty is offered stating that the treated surface will remain water and stain resistant to common non acidic household liquids for the lifetime of the surface from the date of installation. The anti stain treatment applied to the work surfaces becomes fully effective 24 hours after application.

If any staining does occur within the 24 hour curing period, the company will repair and reseal the surface at their expense to ensure the continued effectiveness of the treatment.

This warranty covers staining arising from normal domestic use and care of the work surface for the lifetime of the product from the day of installation, subject to it being used and maintained strictly in accordance with our product care and maintenance information.

3. Care and Maintenance Instructions

Do not place hot pots and pans directly onto your work surfaces as thermal shock can cause fractures and discoloration due to extreme temperatures and can also cause the sealant to break down locally which could lead to staining. Always use an appropriate stand or trivet to protect the surfaces from potential heat damage.

Do not cut or chop directly on your work surfaces as constant use in the same area could cause chipping, dulling or surface scratches. Always use a chopping board for cutting and preparing food.

All spills should be wiped up immediately, or as soon as practicably possible and should not be left for any longer than 24 hours being the maximum protection period. If oil or wine etc. is left for longer than this, it may well penetrate the anti stain barrier and will not be covered by the warranty.

A free care kit is supplied with all worktops on installation. In order to keep your worktops in pristine condition and comply with the terms of our warranty, these products should be used on a regular basis as per the instructions supplied. Further supplies can be obtained from Stonecare Europe uk (see care pack for details), or 500ml wipe and gloss replacements are available from Landford Stone for collection. If used correctly, these products will make your work surfaces much easier to maintain and will help enhance the appearance of the stone.

Not Covered by the Warranty:

Please remember that the care kit supplied must be used as specified to maintain total protection.

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