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Granite Aftercare


The following basic guidelines for maintaining and cleaning your granite are provided to assist you in keeping your work surfaces in their ‘as installed’ condition.

Granite is well suited for use as a working surface in kitchen and bathroom environments. It has good general resistance to absorption and should not be damaged by heat* or marked by knives, although care should nevertheless be taken.

To further reduce the potential for granite to absorb liquids and therefore stain, we treat all surfaces with Lithofin Nano Top, a proprietary sealer that penetrates the stone and fills the microscopic voids between the crystals. This process is carried out immediately after installation by our trained applicators. Please refrain from allowing any liquids to come into contact with your stone tops for at least 6 hours after application as the product must have sufficient time to set into the stone. It is also advised that pets are kept away from the worktops whilst the product is drying. Lithofin offers a 20-year performance warranty against stains and water uptake.

There are nevertheless some household substances that can cause staining even to well-sealed granite.  Beetroot, wine, lemon juice, cooking oil – particularly where prolonged exposure is allowed to occur – can cause staining.  Kitchen cleaners containing bleach or antibacterial agents should be used sparingly as these can break down the sealant layer and over time will discolour the surface of the stone.  Neat washing-up liquid, if worked into the granite or allowed to stand for prolonged periods, can also cause a dulling of the polished surface.

We provide a Stone Care Kit for the cleaning, maintenance and protection of kitchen worktops and bathroom tops in marble and granite.

Our Stone Care Kit – Granite & Marble contains:

In hard water areas, it is common for limescale residue to build up around the tap and drainage areas over time. This can be easily removed by lightly rubbing the area with type00 wire wool available at most hardware stores.

Following these guidelines will ensure the good condition of your work surfaces for years to come.  If you require any further information or wish to purchase our Granite & Marble Stone Care Kit, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


*Whilst granite is highly heat resistant we would not recommend that boiling pans are regularly placed upon granite surfaces.  Being a natural material there is a potential for any imperfections within the stone (microscopic fissures) to open where heat is directly applied. Though the potential for such an occurrence is very small we would recommend that mats and trivets etc be routinely used when placing very hot items.

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