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Ambrosia Satinato Granite Kitchen Worktops

This kitchen worktop installation features our beautiful textured granite called Ambrosia Satinato.

A honed granite finish is achieved by stopping the polishing process before the surface has been buffed into a brilliant shine, leaving it with a satin or matte appearance.

Honed granite worktops have a softer, more natural look and feel than polished ones. They evoke a relaxed and casual vibe while still retaining the high class character of the elegant natural stone. Although this finish is usually used for high-traffic areas such as floors and stairs, it is more than suitable for kitchen worktops.

Ambrosia Satinato granite has wonderful colours and veining, consisting of a network of white, grey, black, red and browns. This beautiful granite worktop has been paired here with a porcelain tile called Purbeck Stone, light grey kitchen cabinets and wood island cabinets.

Credit: Ben Heath Interiors

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