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Caring for Granite

If you’ve recently purchased granite worktops from Landford Stone, these instructions will help you when caring for your granite.

All worktops receive one coat of Drytreat sealant in our factory before installation, and another coat is applied by our fitters when the granite is installed.

All granites get wet if water is left on the surface, (this should be avoided, as, in time it could lead to a limescale buildup) some of the lighter granites will absorb more water than others, and this will show as a darker halo in the surface, this is due to the grain structure within the stone. The Drytreat sealant is fully ‘breathable’,which allows humidity to evaporate out, but inhibits staining. These water halos will disappear as the stone dries back out.

Under normal use, standing water or spillages should not be left on the worktops, if water is splashed onto the granite when the sink is used, then it should be dried off with a dry kitchen cloth. A simple wipe over with a kitchen towel will help avoid limescale buildup,  daily cleaning should be carried out with a proprietary cleaner or mild detergent in some warm water(fairy liquid or similar) wiping over with a damp cloth, and following up with a dry cloth to dry the surface. Any tannin rings from cups of tea or wine glasses should be cleaned off as soon as possible, as should all spillages, as, when they dry, they can be stubborn to remove. If this is the case, we recommend using Astonish cream cleaner the original, which is available from most hardware stores. This to be used locally and only when necessary.

Use as follows: for granite worktops

Using a washing up sponge, (the ones with the green nylon abrasive web on one side)

Wet the area locally with a few drops of water, add a few drops of astonish cream cleaner, work in with the green side of the sponge in a circular manner applying a little pressure for 5 to 10 seconds. Rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly with a kitchen towel. Look closely at the surface against the light to check if the tannin ring has disappeared…. repeat if necessary.

We would advise all householders with stone worktops that have been sealed with Drytreat, to look on the Drytreat website for cleaning tips and care instructions.

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