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Our highly skilled masterful masons and expert install teams are adept at precision bookmatching – a truly stunning option in both contemporary and more traditional settings.

What is bookmatching?

Bookmatching is achieved by perfectly adjoining together two slabs, cut right next to each other from the same block of natural stone. The wow-factor look that is created is a perfect mirror image, just like the wings of a butterfly, and the result is simply stunning!

Where might you opt for bookmatching, and in what material?

Natural marble and granite are the most commonly bookmatched materials. However, many engineered quartz brands produce marble look-a-like material that can be also be beautifully bookmatched. Bookmatching is most popular with highly detailed materials, those with an abundance of character, strong veining or patterning.

Whichever material you chose, bookmatching brings the most wonderful symmetry to any room. In kitchens it is a perfect option if you are looking to achieve a seamless flow across wrap around kitchen islands, a longer worktop, or even in the transition from a worktop to a splashback. In bathrooms, whole walls can be bookmatched, so too can floor tiles and shower walls.

If you’re interested in a bookmatched project, please do come speak to our expert team, who will gladly help you explore your options. You might also wish to take a look at our bookmatching blog for further detail.




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