Highly skilled in precision bookmatching, Landford Stone supply and lay beautifully book matched marble and granite stone slabs.

Bookmatching is the practice of matching two or more stone slabs, ensuring that the adjoining surfaces mirror one another. This stunning effect is achieved when a block of veined marble is cut with expert precision into individual slabs. Once cut, each slab is numbered in a systematic order. The first slab is then polished on one side and the second adjoining slab is polished on the opposite side.

When each slab is lain in order, a continuous marbled pattern forms, running smoothly across the surface. This process can also be achieved with granite worktops and is incredibly popular in highly detailed surfaces with an abundance of character.

We take great care to match colour tones, veins and characteristics to create an exact mirror image impression. Much as the wings of a butterfly reflect each other; bookmatched marble can be exceptionally beautiful and equally suitable in both contemporary and more traditional settings.


Landford Stone