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Bathroom Bonanza! Part 2

In the previous instalment of this blog we spoke through different stone materials for use in bathrooms. In this second part we turn to look at the finer details not to be overlooked!

When it comes to bathrooms, what would you advise customers take extra care with?

Tanking is absolutely crucial! Because water tanking is so nicely hidden in flooring and behind walls it is often overlooked, a simple case of ‘out of sight out of mind’. If we could stress one thing when it comes to your bathroom fitting, it’s to make sure you use experts when it comes to your tanking!

If you get a water leak in your upstairs bathroom you really really don’t want water dripping down through your living room ceiling! We know it can be tempting to go for cheaper tanking materials, to cut costs, but we would never ever recommend using them. If you do get a leak, due to poor quality tanking, you’re only option is to take all the stone and start all over again, and the cost implications of this can be dear.

At Landford Stone, Damien our bathroom and flooring expert is a seasoned pro when it comes to installing high-quality tanking with the upmost care. Our expert bathroom team like to be involved in absolutely everything connected to their install. What’s going behind the wall? Where does the water come in? What’s the water pressure? What is the flow rate of the shower and is the drain the correct size to cope with that flow?

There are all sorts of important aspects to check off when installing a bathroom.  Underfloor heating is just one of these factors – for example, if you have underfloor heating in some areas and not others, the differential in heat produced as a result, increases the risk of cracking.

When it comes to bathrooms is not just about masonry, but also about engineering. It must be perfect!

Large format stone used for cladding in bathrooms needs to be mechanically fixed as well as glued, and where you mechanically fix, again there is a danger of making a hole in the tanking. Just in the same vein that we precisely template kitchen worktops, with our bathrooms at Lanford Stone, each and every individual tile/slab is templated, to ensure the perfect fit!

When you’re cutting bookmatched marble slabs, there is no margin for error!

With bathrooms it’s commonplace to find our planning and templating stage will take three times as long as the actual installation process. Bathrooms are far more complex than you might think and getting fitting done by an expert is essential.

The smallest details matter and if you want to be confident in the knowledge that no detail is missed then you need to use experienced, expert fitters.

At Landford Stone, we know the drill when it comes to every little detail. We often install bespoke inset soap recesses in showers and we even want to know what size shampoo bottles out customer uses, in order to ensure the size of the inset is spot on. There simply is nothing more annoying than having a soap recess which then doesn’t fit your products in!

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