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teltosTELTOS Quartz has become a brand name in its self and rightly so. TELTOS is now a brand leader in the USA, Australia, Europe, and in the UK, competing with other top end quartz manufactures, TELTOS has the quality along with the colours that would look perfect in any kitchen or bathroom. TELTOS is extremely competitive on price with the added advantages of direct imports, passing the savings on to you.

All this backed with a 15 year warranty.

With 3 state of the art quartz production lines and a brand new product developing line, TELTOS has an in-depth knowledge of the market and its requirements. Teltos are able to develop new colours as trends change over time pushing the boundaries with new designs, such as the very popular Teltos Statuario and Teltos Calacatta Borghini.

New Book matched slabs.


The full range of TELTOS (20 Colours) is available to view at our yard. Contact details.With a top quality product such as TELTOS, at very competitive prices, you can be sure that with Landford Stone as the supplier and installer, you will have the best quality from the best stone fabricator in the UK. Landford Stone always Exceeding Expectations.

Teltos Select Range

Teltos Inspired Range


Additional Teltos Images

This pic is of the teltos polishing lines, the line on the right is the original line installed last year, and the one on the left is the revolutionary new line which is the first of its kind in the world, and has been developed by Teltos. With patents pending, we cannot show further and more detailed images. A third line is to be installed in 2016.
teltos polishing lines

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