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technistoneWith headquarters situated in the heart of Europe, Technistone builds upon a 20-year old tradition of quartz surfaces production in the Czech Republic. In late 1991, the Czech experts and professionals in cooperation with their Italian counterparts from Breton Spa had started to install in Hradec Kralove the original Italian Bretonstone technology on an area of 20 000 square meters. The production of high quality and innovative quartz surfaces known as Bohemiastone had begun in September 1992. At the early stage, the most iconic and world-wide famous products called Starlight were developed and introduced into the market. These remain the world reference for premium quartz surfaces until the present day.

technistoneIn 1997, the Bohemiastone was transformed into a joint stock company called Technistone, Inc. that is nowadays being recognized as one of the cutting-edge European producers. In the following years, many new, trendy products were launched such as Crystal Quartz White, Taurus Brown Pearl, Venetian Day etc. Furthermore, the company has substantially increased its production capacity in 2005 when an additional production line has been installed. Since then Technistone is able to produce 55 000 square meters per month. Following the latest trends in interior and exterior design the current novelties within Technistone portfolio are typical by their subtle structure and earth colours such as Noble Collection.

Strict quality control standards are applied across the board, from raw materials to the shipment of the final product. One of the main competitive advantages of Technistone is a sophisticated system of objective measuring of colour shades.

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