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The difference between natural quartz and engineered quartz is not their source. They are both derived from the same mineral, mined from the earth. While the manufactured variety contains resin as a binding agent and pigments, it is 93% comprised of the original mineral. A quartz slab production process turns crushed quartz crystals into slabs ideal for creating designer work surfaces. The combination of natural quartz with resin and pigments creates a smooth and very strong slab. It blends the quartz with the versatility of a wider colour palette than nature can provide. Landford Stone supplies high quality quartz composites or ‘engineered stones’ in a wide variety of colours and patterns. Quartz is harder than granite and when formed with pigments and resins into slabs, it produces a hard-wearing, non-porous worktop which is lighter than granite, whilst retaining the physical and mechanical characteristics of natural stone. The surface is highly stain resistant and most manufacturers provide a warranty against any defect in the material. Engineered stone is suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and commercial applications.

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