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The following links will give you detailed instructions on how to protect and maintain your surface.

Cleaning Products

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 13.57.26The general cleaning of granite can be effectively undertaken with a mild detergent solution. Contact with harsh chemical products is always inadvisable. To remove more stubborn spillages and marks, we recommend Lithofin products which are suitable for all natural stone worktops.

If you wish to purchase any of the Lithofin products available, they can be purchased direct from Lithofin at or contact them on 01962732126

The stone that we install is extremely hard wearing. Though very tough, in rare cases damage can nevertheless occur, chips from falling objects being the most common cause. For this reason Landford Stone maintains an in-house specialist repair technician. In addition to providing the capability to quickly attend to any damage to work surfaces, Landford Stone is also able to offer.

customers a specialist cleaning, resealing and re-caulking/siliconing service if required. Please contact or Tel: 01794 324232.

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