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image 1Landford Stone are proud to be working with and to be an approved Ca͛ Pietra retailer, who supply and install these beautiful products. Ca͛ Pietra is a family business just like Landford Stone, whose employees have been in the stone trade for more than 25 years. Ca͛ Pietra have a genuine passion for natural stone and innovative, modern materials. Their mission, just Like Landford’s is to make it as easy as possible for you to use natural stone products within home improvement projects.

Beautiful to look at and always adding value.

The rewards of using Ca͛ Pietra products for your home improvement project are enormous. Take a look at some of the inspiring case studies online at and start dreaming! We recommend a visit to Landford Stone to speak to one of our flooring experts in more detail about your projects and to view the larger Ca͛ Pietra flooring samples we have on display before making that all important final decision.

Landford Stone will work with you to establish exactly what you require in terms of square meters, patterns, delivery and fitting. You can call the Ca͛ Pietra help line between Mon- Fri for assistance on 08449150002. Free swatch samples can be obtained by going to the Ca͛ Petra website at

Landford Stone is a leading supplier and installer of stone flooring surfaces for domestic and commercial applications in the South of England.

image 2Limestone is a sedimentary rock and geologically very varied. The Limestones are classified into groups with the four main ones being Micrite, Sparite, non Skeletal Grains and Fossils. The presence of fossils in many limestones is aesthetically pleasing, indicating that the rock was originally formed under the ocean some 54 million years ago.

Marble is thermal metamorphism of calcite and other minerals, crystallised through the action of heat and pressure to produce a beautiful dense hard material with a wide range of colours, patterns and veining.

Granite is used to broadly describe a type of igneous rock formed where molten magma, under extreme pressure deep within the earth͛s crust, slowly cools and solidifies. This formation process makes granite the dense and complex material that it is.

Landford Stone and Ca͛ Pietra are committed to:

  • Sourcing the best quality, best value floor and wall materials in the world – whether this is natural stone or man-made materials such as encaustic tiles, high-quality porcelain and mosaics.
  • Making the products available so that you can buy them locally and speak face-to-face with a specialist.
  • Being available to offer technical advice.

Varying mineral elements such as quartz and feldspar, present within the cooling magma, give different granite deposits their diverse colour ranges, patterning and lustre.

Porcelain tiles are ceramic tiles with a water absorption rate of less than 0.5 percent that are used to cover floors and walls. They can either be unglazed or glazed. The dense, hard surface of porcelain has made polishing a viable alternative to a glazed surface. This means that a tile can be fired, then a polish cut into the surface, creating a shine without a glaze.

These beautiful stones are available in a variety of colours and finishes. Landford Stone is able to provide a one stop service, as we now have, as part of our highly professional workforce, a fully qualified contracts department, providing a stone floor laying service with over twenty years experience. The flooring director and his team have laid flooring and tiling in both domestic and commercial venues.

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