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Meet the team

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Meet the team

Meet the Management Team:

Managing Director

Meet the Management Team: Molly; Managing Director: Molly’s been with the company from day one; Landford Stone is her baby and life. Hard working, dedicated and the driving force of the company. Molly enjoys the day to day challenges of running her own company. Fully involved with every single procedure and process, Molly is the person who keeps it all together. With many contacts of people/friends that own kitchen companies, Molly is very well known across the whole industry. Molly has one big hobby: her beloved Captain who’s just reached the top in his category eventing, Molly will see Captain at Badminton very soon. She also love’s all of her other animals from the other three horses she owns, Percy the Persian, the parrot and her two dogs.

General Manager & Director

Clinton’s been with Landford Stone for a number of years now. Clinton currently looks after the sourcing and purchasing of all the Landford Stone materials and this is where Clinton has made many contacts, especially in Italy, as Clinton is fluent in Italian which comes in very handy when dealing mostly with Italy. Clinton goes out to Italy and China on a regular basis where all the materials are quality checked by Cristiano (Italian agent), Roberto (China agent) and Clinton before leaving on the long journey from Italy or China by train and boat where they will eventually land in the Landford Stone yard. Clinton loves to spend his time with his Italian wife Olimpia, going out together for runs on his sports bike and taking their beloved dog for long walks.

Contracts Director

Damien’s been with Landford Stone for a number of years now. Damien has over 23 years experience within the industry and specialises in flooring, cladding, external work and swimming pools. He enjoys keeping fit, cycling & running. Damien’s very much a family man, he love’s his wife and two children dearly, not forgetting his family dog Salsa.

Office Manager

Alice has been working for Landford Stone now for over 5 years. Alice enjoys the challenge of keeping the office running smoothly. Starting as a young trainee office administrator, her responsibilities have grown over the years becoming the Landford Stone Office Manager. As you can see from this picture, Alice loves animals and is very much family orientated loving her Gran and Grandad to pieces. Alice has just had a new addition to her family, little Cocker Spaniel who keeps her on her toes.

Media & Marketing Manager, Health & Safety Manager

Ryan’s been with the company since 2008. He enjoys the day to day challenges of working for Landford Stone and working within the sales team. Ryan’s best achievement within the company is the Landford Stone website. Ryan is currently working with the HSL part of the HSE on research being carried out over a 5 year period within the industry covering the effects of silicosis, which will hopefully bring new policy’s to the whole industry. Ryan’s Level 4 IOSH qualified in H&S and has recently got a Diploma in online Marketing and is also currently at Southampton Solent University doing a Diploma in Sales & Marketing. Ryan travelled the world for over 6 years working on Luxury Cruises Ships, before settling down in the UK with his wife. Ryan enjoys Scuba Diving, Swimming and Sports bikes.

Sales Manager

Ashleigh’s been with Landford Stone for just over 2 years. She’s fast proved herself and showed Landford Stone what she can accomplish; her skills have helped her move straight from Sales Representative to Sales Manager, where she enjoys working within the Sales team. Ashleigh over the last two years has formed some strong working relationships with our trade customers, she loves to pop in to have a chat with them and that all important cuppa coffee that keeps her going. Ashleigh’s qualified in Business Management. Ashleigh enjoys keeping fit and undertakes a number of different events each year, from small local runs to big events like the Tough Mudder. Ashleigh loves to spend time with her beloved dog.

Production Manager

Phil’s been with Landford Stone now for over 6 years, he is a qualified engineer with a passion for machinery, he looks after the factory with the factory manager and over sees the running of the two CNC machines and the three saw’s we curranty have. Phil’s also the H&S representative within the factory and works closely with the H&S Manager. Phil enjoys martial arts, sports bikes (building his own motorbike from scratch) and spending time with his family, which includes Bella the Sprocker, who’s a new addition to the family.

Operations Manager

Jo has been with the company for over 15 years, she controls the very important diary booking in all the templating and fitting teams who template and fit 6-8 jobs a day, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Jo also processes all of the orders that we receive each day and ensures the work force is paid on time each week.

Factory Manager

Danny has also been with the company for over 15 years. Danny is a qualified mason and has worked around the world including USA and Australia; he has worked his way up over the years finally becoming the Landford Stone Factory Manager. He ensures the smooth running of the factory with around 25 men who work within the factory. Danny also checks every single piece of stone in the quality control bay before it leaves Landford Stone.

Rest of the Team

teamLet’s not forget all the other very important men and women who are also involved within Landford Stone.

All the factory staff who are qualified stone masons and dedicated to their work operating the saws, CNC saw, CNC’s,Edge polishers, hand finishing and milling machines that all help to create the beautiful worktops and stone that eventually gets installed in your homes. These men work long hours and in mostly wet conditions.

The yard men who unload every single delivery that arrives from Italy, China and the UK, booking all these materials into stock. These men make sure that the yard is kept clean and tidy and that the factory has the materials required for that days production. The yard men also spend a lot of time with our customers getting the slabs out for viewing and customer selection.

The office staffs that spend a lot of time looking at plans each day and providing those very important first quotes required, taking their time to show you our customers around the yard and guiding you through the vital decision process of choosing the stone that you feel will be perfect for your projects, we understand that this is a very big investment and it can take some time, the office staff will help you throughout the process and will answer all those important questions you have over the phones, in person or replying to the emails that arrive.

The four templaters, three have been with Landford Stone now for a very long time. Traveling around the country and work every hard to get all those important measurements correct first time in your home. When templating kitchens and bathrooms, they provide the information to the millimetre that’s required by the factory before the stone is cut and worked on. The site surveys they undertake on each job make sure that the fitting teams can safely get the stone into position in the best possible way. They have to edit of the plans on each job which takes a number of hours after they have left your home and when they are back at the main yard they template two jobs each per day, its important they make sure all the finer details are correct before the final plans are sent into the factory when the manufacturing of the job begins.

The four fitting teams with a number of these men who have been with Landford Stone for a very long time, the 9 men in total who instal who install the 6-8 kitchens a day. Lifting these very heavy pieces from the factory early in the morning into the vans, setting off from the yard around 5-8am depending on where their first jobs are, making sure they get to their first jobs as early as possible traffic depending, where they then lift these heavy pieces of stone again from the vans into your homes.

Once the first job has been installed and completed to the Landford Stone high level, its time to pack up and move onto their second fit where they will once again lift these heavy pieces of stone from the van and into your home. These men are all perfectionists who ensure the kitchens or bathrooms they are installing are exactly how they would like it done in their own homes.

The remedial men who help Landford Stone be able to undertake that extra service we are also very well known for throughout the industry. Not only do we provide stunning installations first time, we also complete perfect remedials if you ever do chip or damage your worktops for what ever reason and we have heard them all, from crazy parties, to the children or grand kids who have managed to damage the worktops or the best one, we don’t know how it happened.

The Landford Stones remedial men can work wonders; these men have been with Landford Stone for a very long time and are the best in the industry. These men will either ask for photos or will pop round to do a quick site survey before deciding what is required. Their attention to detail is second to none, they will spend time caring for the stone and restoring it to its pristine condition. It would not be possible to do what we do without these men and women who all work every hard and care about the service provided and the final products that Landford Stone is so famously known for. From all the management team we would like to say a big thank you to all.

From all the management team we would like to say a big thank you to all.

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